Let me ask you

How personal is your personal training really?

Wouldn't it be great if your Personal Training was

YET enables every fitness trainer to clearly visualize the specific personality type of the customer and the associated preferences before the first training session.
This saves valuable time and at the same time considerably reduces the
risk of premature demotivation of the exerciser.

The application of the YET concept helps to ensure that every exerciser gets more pleasure and long-lasting
motivation from their training program.

In this way goals and results are achieved quicker.

I am an
  • Learn the concept of personalized exercise more
  • Learn about 8 different exercise types
  • Start gaining energy instead of wasting it
  • Optimize your training and increase your long-term motivation
I am a
Personal Trainer
  • Increase your customer retention
  • Become more effective in helping clients to achieve their goals
  • Respond even better to the wishes of your customer
  • Design your training and make it more goal oriented